Saturday, March 28, 2009

Three weeks since I blogged. Hard to believe but it must be true. Arlona said so. Each day goes by and I wonder what I should tell you about. The picture in this blog is of a gift I received from my granddaughters (Colleen and Susan) for having lost 50 pounds. The gift came before I had reached that goal but now I have.
Friday I went to see my physician's assistant concerning the pain I have in my left arm. She is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon. I decided I should weight myself and I did. My weight was 277#. I started at 331.5 pounds. The count now is: lost 54.5 pounds.
I think Curves is helping although I am not able to do all the machines. One of the machines bruised my inner thighs so I am not using that one. I have to stop on the arm ones when my arms begin to hurt. The assistant said that I should not continue on the machine when it starts to hurt as it will just make my pain worse.

Friday, March 6, 2009


It is time for me to start exercising more than twice a week. My deep water jogging is great for me but it is not enough. This morning I enrolled at "Curves". My first appointment is for 10:00 on Monday morning. I will try to do "Curves" on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weight Loss

I stopped at Dr. Gluck's office this morning to weigh myself. My weight is now 284.5. Remember I started at 331.5 so I have lost 47 pounds. Yesterday I was very comfortable with the foods I ate. Thank you for your prayers concerning this.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I have not been blogging because my computer has had two virus and I did not wish to pass them on.
Hi to my family, friends and prayer people,
It was a month ago today that I had my bariatric surgery. I did not have the surgery that was planned for me. I did not get the new small pouch for a stomach. I had too many adhesions from previous surgeries so I had “the sleeve” surgery. This means the doctor took part of my stomach away and stappled what I have left to make a smaller stomach. I have passed through the five weeks of liquids only. I am now trying to eat “real” foods such as egg, cottage cheese, canned chicken, tuna, and refried beans. I have not been as successful as I would like to be on this eating plan. I do not know when I have had enough food until I feel like I need a big burp or worse. Today I have just eaten ½ the portion that I think I should be able to.
OK, I know that all dames are dizzy. I am literally having a problem with light headedness and dizziness. I told Dr. Roy this, she said that it most likely is a lack of food so I try to take some of my protein or just go take a nap.
I had expected to have a wealth of energy by now. It is not happening. I am however now able to leave the pool, take a shower, spin my swim suit and go to my locker without having to sit and rest between each of these things. I am pleased with this.
I do not see Dr. Gluck again until next Tuesday, March 10 at this time he will be telling me how my blood is. I went this morning and had 8 – 10 vials of blood drawn.
Spot the things you think I need prayers for and back me up, please.