Friday, March 6, 2009


It is time for me to start exercising more than twice a week. My deep water jogging is great for me but it is not enough. This morning I enrolled at "Curves". My first appointment is for 10:00 on Monday morning. I will try to do "Curves" on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  1. oh bless you! i'm just now catching up with you and this process and it sounds like it is going FABULOUS for you. how exciting. i took a water "aerobics" class and loved it. but i agree, it didn't feel like it was doing what i needed. i guess its a process for all of us to put together what works for us. keep it up. you are doing GREAT!!

  2. Great! I hope you had a fun time!!

  3. How are you doing at Curves? I miss reading your blog.