Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just in case you are wondering

As of today, August 5 I have lost 99.5 pounds. I am no longer wearing the sling on my arm. I have just enjoyed a meal at the Asian Buffet. I had blood test taken this morning to follow up the medications, vitamins etc. that I take weekly. I will have the results of them when I go to my 6 month check up on August 13. I am back to the Y three days a week. I am able to do many rehab exercises in the pool. I have not returned to curves yet because I do not want to do the exercises in a dress and my shirt is too difficult to remove while my shoulder is so sore.
Love, Aunt Lois

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I went to the doctor yesterday, Wednesday. They took my stitches out. Dr. explained to us (Maureen Hall, Jim and myself) what had been wrong and the corrections he made. He is confident that it is and will continue to heal well. I had a tear in the tendon which he sewed back together. The tendon had been loose and he secured it with plastic screws. I have an ultrasling. It comes with a pillow to hold my arm. I had Sarah take some pictures of me.
I am thankful for your prayers and those of many others.
My weight when I went into the hospital was 256.7

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is time to share again. I love reading other people’s blogs but do not feel comfortable writing my own. I am doing well with my new eating plan. You will know this by looking at my latest Curves Chart/Printout.

Curtis and Dodie were in Muskegon last Saturday. We had breakfast with them and Bill and Gerrie. I was able to have a nice piece of ham and brought left over ham home with me. Mother’s Day was very enjoyable. It was a beautiful day. I had called for reservations at White Lake Inn a resort on White Lake. We had to take a 4:30 dining time so I said to Jim we might as well go to breakfast also. We did. We went to Toast ‘N Jams. We had a Western Scrambled Egg. We shared the portion. I still brought home part of mine. At the Inn, I had prime rib and brought leftovers home from there.
Tom called to wish me Happy Mother’s Day. I talked to Connie and she will come take me for my shoulder surgery on May 28th.
Monday was a very busy day. I went to curves early. Came home and changed clothes.
Went to the hospital to have blood drawn for a consultation next week concerning my weight management.
I went shopping at Walgreens followed by a meeting at Dr. Glocks office with others to share our experiences.
I came home and got Jim. We went to the Wolf Lake area and delivered some corks I had to a friend. I picked up a friend from that area and we went to Pablo’s for lunch. I of course could not eat much of my Wet Baby King Burrito so I had it put in a box to bring home. I thought Jim picked it up and he thought I picked it up. Neither of us picked it up. After we took Barb home Jim asked me where it was. We did not go back after it as we were both upset and Jim said I had enough white boxes in the refrigerator anyway.
I am going to close this for now. Have to get ready to go to the Asian buffet for lunch.
Love, Aunt Lois

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Curves Report

I have just returned from Curves. Today was weight, size and body fat measuring day.

This is a very good report. I have lost 12.5 pounds, 8 total inches and 15.66 body fat pounds from the day I joined curves.

My weight is now 272 pounds. I started before surgery at 331.5 pounds. I have lost 59 pounds since that top weight.

I am still having problems with the amount of food I eat, when and the timing of the liquids I have.

Happy Easter to all!

Love, Auntloissays

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Three weeks since I blogged. Hard to believe but it must be true. Arlona said so. Each day goes by and I wonder what I should tell you about. The picture in this blog is of a gift I received from my granddaughters (Colleen and Susan) for having lost 50 pounds. The gift came before I had reached that goal but now I have.
Friday I went to see my physician's assistant concerning the pain I have in my left arm. She is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon. I decided I should weight myself and I did. My weight was 277#. I started at 331.5 pounds. The count now is: lost 54.5 pounds.
I think Curves is helping although I am not able to do all the machines. One of the machines bruised my inner thighs so I am not using that one. I have to stop on the arm ones when my arms begin to hurt. The assistant said that I should not continue on the machine when it starts to hurt as it will just make my pain worse.

Friday, March 6, 2009


It is time for me to start exercising more than twice a week. My deep water jogging is great for me but it is not enough. This morning I enrolled at "Curves". My first appointment is for 10:00 on Monday morning. I will try to do "Curves" on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weight Loss

I stopped at Dr. Gluck's office this morning to weigh myself. My weight is now 284.5. Remember I started at 331.5 so I have lost 47 pounds. Yesterday I was very comfortable with the foods I ate. Thank you for your prayers concerning this.