Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just in case you are wondering

As of today, August 5 I have lost 99.5 pounds. I am no longer wearing the sling on my arm. I have just enjoyed a meal at the Asian Buffet. I had blood test taken this morning to follow up the medications, vitamins etc. that I take weekly. I will have the results of them when I go to my 6 month check up on August 13. I am back to the Y three days a week. I am able to do many rehab exercises in the pool. I have not returned to curves yet because I do not want to do the exercises in a dress and my shirt is too difficult to remove while my shoulder is so sore.
Love, Aunt Lois


  1. I had given up on coming to your site! Congratulations. Hope your shoulder heals soon. The water exercises should help! Lots of love. Arlona